Home vegetable garden design is essential in looking for a way to get the very best out of the entire empty space you have in your yard. Be it a big or small space, the most important thing is to come up with a more fresh vegetable possible. This is one of the challenges facing a home gardener.

The big question that should be answered in home vegetable gardening designs is where to start. Location is the starting point of designing a home vegetable garden. And of the realities that should always be remembered are the right plants for the right place. There are regions that would best suit a particular crop.

Here are some important things to put emphasis on your home vegetable garden designs.

First would be the exposure of your garden to the rays of the sun. The home vegetable garden needs to have plenty of sunlight for their process of food manufacturing. However, different crops require a different amount of sunlight. For example, the fruiting vegetables require 8-12 hours of sun exposure; these vegetables are the pepper, cucumber, tomatoes, zucchinis, squash and eggplants. But, root vegetables such as carrots, beets and radishes needed fewer hours to be exposed in the sun. Leafy vegetables in the kinds of spinach, lettuce and Swiss chard only needed as little as 4 hours to be exposed in direct sunlight. However, most winter vegetables; cauliflower and turnips needed most shades during the day.

Second would be to know the direction of the wind. Home vegetable garden should be sheltered from the chilling wind to feat growth and be protected from the drying winds that dry the soil too quickly. Strong winds may blow the taller plants that may result for it to be damaged. You must make sure that there is a building, fence or hedges of shrubs or small evergreens to guard the crops from harmful winds. But ensure that these things that serve as a cover from winds will not obstruct the sun from shining trough the garden. The roots of the shrubs or evergreens must not compete with the roots of your vegetables for nourishments.

These two important things are the best getaway to get you’re your sunglasses and use those sunscreen lotions to better observe the movement of the sun in your garden and the wind direction.

Third would be the convenience of having easy access. Accessibility to get in and out of the garden is important so that you won’t have to waste time in getting through your home vegetable garden. This is also essential when you do your cooking regime having easy access in your garden would just let you have few minutes to get hold of the few herbs you have in your garden. Just imagine the waste of time if you have to labyrinth your way in and out of your garden.

Fourth is to have a drainage system for your home vegetable garden. This is a vital part so as not to have water logged that will eventually lead to less oxygen absorption of the roots that will result to the damage of the crop. The solution could be to have raised garden bed, built an artificial drainage system and make shallow trenches in between your beds.

These are just easy to follow guidelines that will surely guarantee a fresh and plentiful harvest to you.

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