The robot vacuum cleaner facilitates the life of those who do not have much time to devote to household chores but do not want to give up having a house that is always clean, these are modern appliances with advanced technology that offer a series of useful features to obtain perfect results in a short time. More about robots here

Although the robotic vacuum cleaner uses advanced technology, there are some tricks that can help improve its use and make it last much longer over time.

If you have decided to buy a robot vacuum cleaner, always rely on the best brands in the industry, choosing quality products such as the Roomba 980 irobot, complete with all the modern features with the possibility of entering the mapping of the environments and remote control via smartphone application and Tablet.

This product offers high performance, recharges itself and is able to clean any type of surface, if you are looking for something efficient and complete, we recommend that you choose this product or others from the same range.

The tricks to making the best use of the robot vacuum cleaner

The first thing to do is to free the house from obstacles, even if the robots are perfectly able to avoid them, removing them makes cleaning even easier .

Even if you have purchased a model that has side bristles to clean even in the most difficult places, it may not have enough space to go around chairs or a vase, so, better remove everything, in this way you will also have a more cleaning. accurate.

If there are very bulky dirt residues on the floor, remove them, you will prevent the robot from becoming clogged, overheated, blocked or worse, breaking.

When you operate the robot vacuum cleaner, we recommend that you do one room at a time, so it can move along the surface without discharging and without interrupting the cleaning by moving elsewhere or constantly going to recharge.

Put the charging base in the room where you want to use it and close the door, the area to be cleaned will be less and the result much better.

Do not forget to carry out periodic maintenance of the robot , regularly empty the dirt tank, clean the brushes below and on the sides. Most of the robot models allow the brushes to be disassembled and reassembled quickly, to allow easy maintenance.

Remember to always leave the base attached if your robot vacuum cleaner model has a rechargeable battery, this will prevent it from draining completely. Keep it continuously attached to the current, always try to position it in a point that is easily reachable by the robot, so that it can reach it without particular problems.


By following these tips you can extend the life of the robot but you will also have the opportunity to make the most of its cleaning action, obtaining much better performance.

These precautions should be followed especially if you have an inexpensive robot that is not equipped with all the technological features such as the integrated video camera and sensors to avoid obstacles.

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