Having a well-kept garden is hard to maintain especially in the absence of fertilizer. Sprinkling it with water and daily cleaning of the lawn will only make your garden blooming but if you’re growing vegetables these techniques are not enough. Growing our vegetables and plants to their full size need even a little amount of fertilizer. We want to nourish our plants with nutrients by using fertilizers making the soil rich and bountiful.

Making our own homemade fertilizers is very beneficial not just to our plants but also to our pockets. We don’t need to spend much unlike buying commercial fertilizers. Homemade fertilizers make use of available resources found within our homes.

Always have in mind that what you need is readily available from your yard and kitchen. Wastes from these places can be used as homemade fertilizers. We must have the initiative to make use of these wastes rather than putting them all to trash. However, we need to properly segregate our wastes, separate biodegradable from non-degradable wastes. In our kitchen, left-over foods can be used as well as peelings of fruits of vegetable. Collect dried and fallen leaves in your yard for it will compose a good and healthy fertilizer.

Take note that making a homemade fertilizer is very similar to organic compost making. Both make use of available resources at home especially the degradable ones. You can utilize your garden plot or better yet make a compost bin in your backyard.

In making a compost fertilizer, all you need to do is mix yard and kitchen wastes and then with the soil. After the simple mixing, let the natural soil microbes do the job! It is better to add some water if you noticed that soil is too dry. Doing so will add moisture to the mixture which will aid the microbes with fast decomposition process. You should never forget to mix the waster and the soil since the simple mixing provides air to the microbes or also known as aerobic microorganisms.

Let your home-made fertilizer stay for days inside the compost bin to allow full decomposition of the wastes. What can be more convenient than using these wastes to grow your plants and vegetables? Nowadays, we can’t afford to buy things outside of our budget thus it is a wise decision to make use of out kitchen and yard wastes.

Organic fertilizers are known to be very effective compare to those commercially made and they are primarily used to grow plants and vegetables to their fullest size. They are capable of enriching the soil thus plants receive the right amount of nutrients needed for them to grow beautifully. Try to compare the results of plant grown with organic and commercial fertilizers and you will realize the real benefits of using organic wastes.

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