Antimite is a company that has 23 years of proven performance in fumigating homes in southern California. They use only the most effective practices available in the industry today. This allows them to offer you a complete elimination of termites in any structure.

When it comes to fumigating your home or business trained professionals work deligently to not only rid your house of drywood termites in the most effective manner possible. They also maintain the care of your belongings during the tenting process.

When they prepare your structure for fumigation services all major corners of the structure are padded to prevent damage to evers and roofing material. After the property is cleared of pets and occupants a check is made to ensure the gas to the structure has been shut off by the gas company.Clearly marked signage is placed on the property to warn of the fumigation process.

During set up fumigate lines are set up throughout the home or business. This is because the fumigant is orderless a warning agent such as tear gas is introduced to discourage any potential intrusion.

At the same time workers spread custom made turbulent that are tightly rolled and clipped together at the seams and weighted with heavy sandbags or water snakes at the bottom to ensure a tight seal.

Only branch one licensed field agents administer the fumigant and warning agent on site. With calculations based on various factors including wind, speed, temperature, seal and cubic footage of the structure.

The fumigant remains in the structure for a predetermined period of time. Usually between 18 and 48 hours depending on the particular needs of the site. Once complete the home or business is aerated to remove any remaining fumigant.

Before the structure is cleared for re-entry by the occupant’s fumigant levels are measured with special scientific air sampling instruments to ensure it is safe.

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