One of the biggest problems with termites is finding them before it’s too late. Most of the time homeowners come across dead termites, or termite wings. But by then it is most likely too late.

Don’t Get Caught Out ! Act Today

It’s best to always have your home inspected occasionally each year by a local professional company. But on top of that you need to keep you eye out for clues that you might have termites in your home. Some of the most common things you might see are mud tunnels on inside or outside of your foundation, small hole or tubes in any wood in and outside your home, and a sawdust like powder by any of your doors, windows, or garage.  Other obvious signs include seeing termites dead or alive or flying around, and finding termite wings near doors, windows, and garage areas.

Millions Of Termites

It is estimated that up to 14 subterranean termite colonies are in each acre, meaning that the average home lot could have 4 termite colonies near, around or under it. Now each termite colony is basically made up of a million or so actual termites. So with basic numbers like that the average homeowner can expect to have 3-5 million termites near, around, or under your home.

Knowing this gives you the advantage to do something about it!

Make sure to get your home inspected on a regular basis, making sure that the inspection company has the best and newest termite inspection equipment available. It makes a big difference nowadays with all the high tech tools that are available. Infrared imaging has come a long way and is used nationwide to provide some of the highest level of termite detection available.  Infrared images easily show the inspector mice tunnels, termite tunnels, termite nests, and other pest evidence.

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