Coconut substrate – what is it?

Let’s figure out what a coconut substrate is. It is a relatively new growing medium, the main ingredient of which – coconut coir – was first used in this capacity in the eighties. Coira allows you to combine the sensation of growing in natural soil with the benefits of hydroponic growing (fast growth and high yields). It has proven to be a versatile environment with many benefits for different types of growth. More about substrate here

Fertilization by seasons

As soon as the cold weather has receded, and the first greens are planning to hatch, it is time to select the best fertilizers for the lawn in the spring. Those that will provide fast growth and give strength to the grass. Before processing, the site is cleaned of dead foliage and debris, if the ice has not completely disappeared, it is pierced with a pitchfork. Choose the best fertilizer spreader, go easy way.