Every year we look forward to our kids going back to school. But with starting school again, every year parents across the world have 1 fear in their heads, “lice” no matter how we try to keep them out of our kids hair there is a chance they will come home with them. It is unavoidable. Kids hang their coats and hats next to other kids and the next thing you know you are getting a notice home from the teacher stating that there has been a report of lice in the class.

This year is a little different. With the break of another bug that is out there you now have to worry more. This one you most likely get a notice home about. The only way you will know is from bite marks on your body. What are we talking about? You guessed it, BEDBUGS.

Bedbugs are being reported more and more every day. This is a wide spread issue and now with school started it will become worse. Bedbugs move from one kids clothes to another. Before you know it they are in your home.

Bed Bugs In New York City, Queens and Long Island are getting out of control. The Bed Bugs Stop Here has been serving the New York City, Queens and Long Island area for over 20 years. The Bed Bugs Stop Here takes the Bed Bug issues seriously and is known for the great rates and the method used to fight the Bed Bugs.

Bed Bugs has always been a problem but recently the number of cases has increased significantly and it’s time for the pest control industry to take a stand and combat the issue and control the problem.

Steve Free is disgusted with how many people combat bed bug problems on a daily basis. The problem is that people can’t afford to hire many of the pest control companies because they are charging outrageous fees and they are trying to do it themselves and that doesn’t work. A professional should be hired.

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