As soon as the cold weather has receded, and the first greens are planning to hatch, it is time to select the best fertilizers for the lawn in the spring. Those that will provide fast growth and give strength to the grass. Before processing, the site is cleaned of dead foliage and debris, if the ice has not completely disappeared, it is pierced with a pitchfork. Choose the best fertilizer spreader, go easy way.

Spring and summer works

The full cycle of spring work begins with the removal of melt water from the site, leveling the lawn along the contour, aeration and filling the bald spots. This is followed by the introduction of top dressing for growth and subsequent haircut.

Each of the events has its own meaning and time. If you do not remove the melt water, then the new growth will hurt. Drainage is constructed from broken brick or gravel, a more expensive option is to install drain gratings. To strengthen the roots, a special roller is rolled over the lawn or it is tamped with boards. Aeration is provided by puncturing the soil with a pitchfork. The distance between the holes is no more than 15 cm. If bald spots are noticed on the lawn, the plots are dug out, and good soil or compost is added to the holes, where the seeds are placed. It remains to fertilize and water the sprouts in time.

In summer, the grass loses its beauty under the scorching sun rays. Avoiding problems requires regular watering, mowing and weed control. Lawns are cut about once a week. Aeration is carried out taking into account the moisture content of the earth, but not in the rain. Weeds are weeded out by hand, and selective herbicides are bought for large areas.

Autumn activities

Top dressing for the lawn in the summer is different from the maintenance, which is planned for the fall. Watering is no longer so frequent, and in rainy conditions it stops altogether. September is a good time to aerate and clear the lawn from foliage fallen from the trees. Nitrogen is not needed, and the remaining supplements with calcium and phosphorus are added only before the first frost.

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